Defender Restoration

  • Red Stag imports Defenders from around the globe with a view to fully rebuilding here for NZ clients.

  • We specialise in importing heavy parts from the UK including doors, wheels, galvanized chassis and repair sections of bodywork.

  • We have Defender Project Vehicles always in stock, and for sale.

  • Red Stag will restore your Defender to any stage that you require.  

  • Most of our Defenders are built specifically for discerning clients who want a Defender but without the usual headaches and countless weekends doing DIY repairs. 

If you want to drive a classic Defender fully restored to exceptional detail  give us a call.




Mick from Red Stag has undertaken a number of bespoke restorations and rebuilds on Defenders, most notably “Dave” the 1985 110 County for Cloudy Bay winery.  The project was taken on with a tight deadline resulting in many parts having to be flown in from suppliers around the world. “Dave” has become part of the Cloudy Bay brand experience.

Other projects

A refurbishment of a “Tomb Raider” styled pick up, a two door classic range rover and a 9 seater Defender 300TDI.